Schönes Hamburg – St. Pauli Red Light District Walking Tour

Many people consider St. Pauli to be the most sinful district of Hamburg because of the many bars, sex shops and “love against money”, but it is much more than that! St. Pauli is a party mile, a waterfront and also a residential area with a very interesting history. There is so much more to the Red Light District than people can imagine.
On our guided walking tour you will get to know a lot about Hamburg’s previous suburbs, the former borders between Hamburg and the Danish town of Altona.
The tour is not suitable for kids, but we will gladly take along your ladies. We will pass by the Herbert street (Herbertstraße) and famous old bars. You will also get to see the street called “Big Freedom” (Große Freiheit) where the Beatles started their career, take a look at plush dancing pubs and scantly clothed ladies.
During our St. Pauli Tour a unique atmosphere and a great time is waiting for you, and also some funny and thrilling stories will be told. You will of course see the famous police station “Davidwache”, pass the ATM with the biggest turnover in Germany. St. Pauli has a lot of sights, history and curiosities to offer and therefore has something for everyone’s taste. Our guided tour offers visitors exciting places and information in a pleasant atmosphere.

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